Having a website comes with it own benefits that social media simply can not touch.

  1. Customized Booking – Allows customers to schedule their appointment with your business, select the products that they want, etc…
  2. Cost Effective – Social media costs with the PPC can cost any business lots of money and the return on investment can be daunting.
  3. Wider Demographic Reach – Besides email marketing & direct marketing that your customers can opt-in via online or at your business you can filter your SEO to hit a broader or local search depending on your industry.
  4. Consumer Convenience – Customers that do not have social media accounts are limited on what they can see and do with your business and truly eliminates effective communication.
  5. Foster Customer Rapport – Testimonials and customer trust is mainly related to businesses that have a website vs social media accounts.

DIY Website

Do It Yourself Website

DIY website is becoming very popular nowadays. With CMS content scripts out on the market today like WordPress make's it very easy for anyone to create their own website.
There are literally thousands of templates to choose from making your website unique.

The best part is, even though your doing a DIY website we are always willing to help so your not alone even though your doing most of the leg work! 🙂

We Design Website

First thing first is someone from the design team will call you directly. We will consulate with you about your business.
Then we will ask you about your market and what you plan to achieve. Afterward we will put a mock demo website together for your review before we start implementing specific task, tools and design.

After everything is complete we will setup a time where we will train you on your website so you can start implementing areas for your social media content.

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