What is a Managed Website?

Having a business website is more superior then just a Social Media Business Page.  You must know the facts about managed website that we have to offer.

Managed website is where PrimaKeys will design and maintain your website so you can concentrate on what matters most; your business.

For non-tech business owners you can reap the benefits of having the tools and power of what a website can do.

Here is a small list of what your website can do that Social Media can’t.

  1. You are not at the mercy of someone else
  2. Own Your Brand
  3. Totally Customizable
  4. Business website is a home for your online presence
  5. A business website offers more opportunity to gain insight from traffic analytics and user behavior.
  6. Add special marketing plug-ins that you cannot do on social media
  7. Control your website look and feel with your unique design
  8. Less expensive if what want to market vs. social media advertising budget costing hundreds and may not get anywhere.
  9. It’s your domain.  You control everything.  No policies to follow.  You make the rules!
  10. Directly Stand Out.

PrimaKeys will help you brand your business and start building you up to reach your customers from a local level to a greater reach.

We understand that social media business page maybe the way you see fit for your business and that is totally up to you if you do not want to grow.  But if you want more business with more power then just your inner circle of friends and likes then perhaps we are the company to switch gears and make your business a little more popular.

Tools and features:

  • Google Street View Virtual Tour
  • Virtual Tour on Website via your business
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • User login with your own dash board
  • Give access to your clients with their own username and password
  • Insights / Reporting / Analytics Tools
  • Shopping cart (Easy ordering online)
  • Create post, blogs, images, videos and share on social media with one click
  • Created Vimeo & YouTube channel
  • iOS, Android, Tablet compatible
  • Email Marketing
  • Many more additional features…

Learn about your customers/visitors, including geographical locations and what their spending habits maybe.  Give them access to comparable products on your website.  Turn browsers into online shoppers and customers for life.

Whether your a restaurant, bar, retail or chain our Clover POS can tie to the inventory online.  So you what you have in-stock or out-of-stock your website will reflect the same.

Best of all you’ll have more tools and control of percentages when it comes to delivery services.  If your like many restaurants that use third-party vendors that takes a percentage from your profits you can pass those fees onto your customers (conveyance fee).


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