No Overhead

Working with PrimaKeys offers zero overhead for your business. No need to pay extra or w2 forms for our canvassing teams to work for you.

Commission Only

Each company is different and percentages from your sale is required for our canvassing teams to work for your business.


Customers that we canvass will not know that we are working hard for your business. We inform what work needs to be done

Well Trained Teams

50/50/50 Rule

Our teams are trained to do the 50 morning, 50 afternoon & 50 evening knocks. Ensuring we will find the customer in this node before we move to the next.

Trained Staff

Our canvassing team are professionally trained and will always ask for the appointment. Setting great leads is where they make their money.

Instant Leads

When the appointment is set with the customer, verifiable information is sent to your marketing team instantly to verify and set the appointment.

Set Turf Radius

You set the turf for our canvassing team. There is no limit on how large of the area you need for us to canvass for your business.

Business Benefit

Slips Trips & Falls

No more worries about your employees when it comes to icy conditions with slips, Trips & Falls. PrimaKeys Marketing Solutions Has you covered!

All Weather Leads

Sunshine or not you'll still get quality leads. Our team of trained contractors only get paid when your salesforce sells. Quality is everyone's best interests.

Trained Canvassers

Don't have canvassing employees? No problem we have hired and trained our team to do all the hard work generating quality leads.

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