Benefits of Hiring Our Canvassing Teams

Smart Canvasing requires dedicated teams to knock residential doors for businesses wanting to boost sales.

Our sales force will always be managed and professional when representing our company.  Hygiene is essential and so is our dress code.

Our representative will always be wearing proper identification visible to the customer.

Customers will not know the names of the companies that we support until they get a call from your office confirming and or setting up the appointment.

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No Employee Overhead

Working with PrimaKeys offers zero overhead for your business. No need to pay extra or provide W2 forms for our canvassing teams to work for you.

Direct & Effective Commission

Each company is different and percentages from your sale is required for our canvassing teams to work for your business.

Safe, Secure & Confidential

Customers that we canvass will not know that we are working hard for your business. Get informed by our dashboard what leads that we generated.

P.K.M.S Services Core Marketing & Products

PKMS Services


Open game for any and all contractors to purchase warm leads from real people.
Additional images and description of the problems the customer is facing.

Direct Marketing PKMS Services 2

Small Business Marketing

Pick your market and we will do the rest. Our trained canvassers will direct market the neighbor hood. We DO NOT leave door tags or left behinds. The "Count" begins at the conversation level.

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Our canvassers are trained within the P.K.M.S canvassing system.


Our teams are trained to do the 50 morning, 50 afternoon & 50 evening knocks. Ensuring we will find the customer in this node before we move to the next.


Our canvassing team are professionally trained and will always ask for the appointment. Setting great leads is where they make their money.


When the appointment is set with the customer, verifiable information is sent to your marketing team instantly to verify and set the appointment.


You set the turf for our canvassing team. There is no limit on how large of the area you need for us to canvass for your business.


Basically, canvassing is the act of going from door to door to promote your products or services.  The idea behind our teams is to provide quality leads to get your sales force in the door.

We use state-of-the-art software that works in real-time.  When a quality lead is generated you will get the customers complete contact information, desired services, pictures of the work to be performed and conversation description (what was talked about).  This information will be delivered in real-time and via email(s) so your scheduling team can set a verified appointment with your customer.

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Slips Trips & Falls

No more worries about your employees when it comes to icy conditions with slips, Trips & Falls. PrimaKeys Marketing Solutions Has you covered!

Getting Leads

Sunshine or not you'll still get quality leads. Our team of trained contractors only get paid when your salesforce sells. Quality is everyone's best interests.

Lower Overhead

Don't have canvassing employees? No problem we have hired help trained in selling most residential construction including solar panels.

Is canvassing right for your company?

If this is a question your asking for your company, you should be asking yourself a few other questions first: “Who is our ideal customer?” and “What is the best way to reach them?”

Think about it from the perspective of one of the most successful industries in canvassing– the home construction industry. If you’re selling roofing, siding, windows, etc., who is your ideal customer? A homeowner, obviously. And what’s the most reliable way to talk to homeowners? By going to their homes.

Visualization:  Our team can show homeowners areas of the home where problems will eventually be a problem creating urgency.  This gives the potential homeowner mental ownership of the problem being fixed before it’s a bigger problem.  A Powerful psychological sales tool.

Personal Interaction:  Canvassers are able to adapt to the intonation and body language of the homeowner better then a flyer or telemarketing.  Canvassers can build solid rapport with the homeowner that create trust in a way that simply isn’t possible via other methods.

Strategic Selling:  Using marketing tools such as phone directories or mass emailing lists are very impersonal and imprecise because they focus on reaching a large demographic.  When our team of professional go door-to-door, we can be much more strategic and cater our approach based on the clues we receive.  Notes from the canvasser will be taken and sent when the homeowner confirms the follow-up appointment from your company.

Every industry should focus on canvassing because it works.

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