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What’s on the Flex

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TMP Flex diagram with callouts


  • Tap NFC cards or NFC-enabled phones on the contactless card reader.
  • Take payments and see your transactions on the display screen.
  • Switch on your Flex with the power button. Newer Flex devices have a fingerprint sensor for instant login right on the power button.
  • Insert chip cards into the chip card slot.
  • Slide cards without chips across the magnetic card reader.
TMP Top Flex diagram with callouts

You can:

  • Plug a security cable into the Kensington Security slot to secure your Flex to a stable object.
  • Find the 3.5mm audio jack here.
  • Use the barcode scanner to scan merchandise that has UPC barcode images. (The barcode trigger is on the left side.)
  • Hear the speaker indicate transaction processing.
TMP Back Flex diagram with callouts

You’ll load the thermal paper by opening the receipt paper door.

If you ever need to change the SIM card, you can find it in the
paper compartment. Use the green hex screwdriver to access
the SIM card. (You can also find your device serial number in
the paper compartment. The serial number identifies this device

You can use the USB Type-C connector port with Clover’s travel kit power charger (available separately).

help flex2 includes cradle
Charging Cradle

And finally, you’ll charge your device in the charging cradle.

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