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Put together your Station Pro

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Put together your Station Pro by connecting all the parts. After all the parts are connected, you can plug it in. Start by getting ready to connect the parts.

To get ready to connect the parts:

  1. Take everything out of the box.
  2. Gently place the Station Pro Display screen side down on a clean, flat surface. Don’t worry about the screen. It resists scratching.
  3. Place the Station Pro Printer upside down next to the display.
  4. Place the Station Pro Terminal, screen side down, next to the printer. You’ll be looking at the bases of all 3 devices and the printer will be in the middle. Now you can connect all the parts.
(14) gmc_diagram-plug_in_02_numbers

To connect the parts, follow the numbered steps here and above:

  1. Pick up the main connector cable. This cable has two small screws in both ends and one end has a green arrow.
    • Use the supplied screwdriver to connect the end of the cable with the green arrows to the base of the display, as shown.
    • Plug in and connect the other end to the base of the terminal, as shown. Screw in the screws with hand-tight pressure, in other words, just hard enough to secure each screw and also be able to unscrew it later if needed.
  2. Unwind the printer cable from the printer base and use the screwdriver to connect the printer cable to the base of the display, as shown.
  3. Pick up the hub and use the screwdriver to connect its cable to the base of the display, as shown.
  4. Pick up the power adapter, sometimes called a power brick, and plug one end into the hub, as shown.
  5. Plug the other end of the power adapter into your power source for the system. Your system is now connected and you can place each device right side up. The (smaller) terminal automatically powers on first, and then the (larger) display. There are no power buttons, but there is a reset button on the reverse side of the customer-facing terminal screen in case you are ever instructed by Customer Support to use it.

Next, connect your Station Pro to a network.

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