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To properly process transactions, your network must be stable and have sufficient bandwidth. Unstable networks can cause transactions to temporarily halt, which causes the network connection to timeout and disconnect. Poor connections can also prevent devices from synchronizing with each other.

Have enough bandwidth: Use a Clover dedicated router

Increase bandwidth on your local network by limiting or reducing the number of non-Clover devices connected to the network. Your local network bandwidth varies based on the number of devices connected to the network and the volume of transactions they typically process.

Set up an Ethernet connection such as DSL or cable, rather than a hotspot

Use a hard-wired (Ethernet cable) high-speed Internet connection for Clover Station, Clover Station 2, and Clover Mini. This is especially helpful if you plan to use more than one Clover device or any peripheral equipment such as a kitchen printer.

For Wi-Fi, use only WPA-WPA2 protocols

For added security, Clover devices are only compatible with WPA-WPA2 protocols.They are not compatible with the WEP protol, which was officially retired by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2004.

Use a separate Wi-Fi network for guest access

If you offer Wi-Fi access to your customers, set up two Wi-Fi networks: one for you and Clover devices, and one for guests. Having separate Wi-Fi for guests safeguards your devices and may boost device performance.

Your guest network can have separate hours of operation that can be turned off at any time without affecting your system. You can limit the bandwidth to prevent illegal downloads and create a different password for the guest network.

Limit the use of hotspot network connections

Hotspots can limit the bandwidth required for normal Clover communication. If you plan to use a hotspot, it should be dedicated for Clover use. (Use another hotspot for other Internet needs).

Don’t use your neighbor’s Wi-Fi

Whenever possible, use your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than a shared network. If you’re using your neighbor’s Wi-Fi solution and their Wi-Fi goes down, you can’t troubleshoot the issue directly. Your signal may also be weaker if you don’t have an internet source in your business’ vicinity.

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