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Customize the Clover device

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After your apps install, you can set some initial custom settings. To change the passcode settings in the future, go to Employees > Setup on the Web Dashboard.

To customize your device:

  1. Do you want to require a passcode to unlock your device?
    • Yes, require a passcode
      We recommend that every employee use a passcode to unlock your device. It provides added security and more detailed reports.
    • No, don’t require a passcode
      For terminal parity, you can select the option to unlock your device without a passcode. However, we recommend that you require employees to enter a passcode to unlock your device.
  2. Where do you want to take tips and signatures?
    • On tablet screen
    • On printed receipt
  3. Tap Continue.
If you plan to accept tips, make sure that your closeout time is at least an hour after your business has entered tips for the day.If you don't see an option for tips, your account isn't tip enabled yet. Contact Clover support.
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