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Connect to the internet and activate your Clover Flex

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Before you start this part of the set-up process:

  • Find your activation code in the activation email you received from Clover.
  • If you plan to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, check to make sure your router is set up, connected to the internet, and has a security level of WPA or WPA2. Your network needs to be a closed, protected, secure network to process payment transactions. (If you offer Wi-Fi access to your customers, follow best practices and give them a different network to use.)

To connect to the internet and activate your Clover Flex:

  1. Remove the protective plastic film from the front display glass.
  2. Switch on the device by pressing the power button on the right side until the Clover logo appears.
  3. On the display, tap to choose your language and then tap Next.
  4. On the Network screen, tell the device what kind of internet network connection you want to use:
    • Mobile networks use the installed SIM card and your cellular
      phone connection.
    • Wi-Fi networks connect wirelessly to a router you have
      previously set up.
  5. Wait until you see the message that the device is successfully connected and then tap Next.
  6. On the Activate screen, enter the code you received in your activation email from Clover.
  7. On the Install apps screen, wait while Clover installs the latest apps for your account.

You can insert the receipt paper while the Clover apps are downloading.

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